Our mission is to empower people of all ages to manage their own wellbeing.

About me

My name is Jodi and I am a qualified Therapeutic Coach. Therapeutic Coaching is a blend of counselling and life coaching, this is known as an Integrative Approach and means that I use the skills and knowledge gained from my various trainings to adapt our sessions to meet your individual needs.

I do this by drawing from my training in traditional life-coaching, personal- growth, motivational interviewing, cognitive behaviour, compassion-focused, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming, acceptance and commitment, and solution- focused frameworks (phew, don’t worry, not all at the same time!)

 I have over 25 years’ experience of supporting people to make changes in both their personal and professional lives. I specialise in helping people to manage their anxiety, build their confidence and challenge the self-beliefs that might keep them stuck from doing the things they enjoy, managing every day life, or feeling out of alignment with their values and true purpose.

My background is in Senior Management, but I have also worked in education and various mental health environments, including the NHS mental health service for 8 and a half years (see professional background section for full details).

Professional background

I am the founder of Jodi Fenn Therapeutic Services. I qualified as a Life Coach following my training from the Coaching Academy and have encompassed skills and knowledge gained from my various careers into my coaching practice. I am also a qualified mental health practitioner and counsellor.

I have worked in early years and health and social care settings for over 25 years. Additionally, I have worked in various mental health settings from wards to supported housing to NHS community support. I like to keep my knowledge and skills current and relevant, and as such my qualifications include: Degree in Early Childhood Studies, Foundation Degree in Mental Health, Diploma in Counselling & CBT, Certificate of Higher Studies in Behavioural Sciences, Certified Life Coach, Advanced Diploma in Family Support Work and a Diploma in Nursery Nursing. I have also attended training around Solution-Focused Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

My employment history includes working as a Senior Manager in a corporate early years chain, being a self-employed Early Years Consultant and more recently, working for the NHS.

What is coaching?

“Coaching is taking a player where he can’t take himself”

Bill McCartney

As a Therapeutic Coach I specialise in areas such as anxiety management, building self-esteem and challenging limiting self-beliefs. I work with my clients to help them identify what stops them from living the life they want. Together we work through any blocks or issues the client brings to the sessions in order to empower them to take control of their lives again. Therapeutic Coaching is an Integrative Approach, blending Coaching and Counselling and can help in all areas of your life, be that a career or relationship change, finding your purpose, aligning with your values or anything in between!

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Therapist v Therapeutic Coach

Therapeutic Coaching is often confused with the work of a therapist. These roles, and the training involved in both, are very different. To help you determine which might be right for you, here’s a quick explanation of who does what:

Therapists will explore past traumas and often work with clients who have complex and entrenched mental health issues. A Therapeutic Coach has knowledge and training in supporting people in areas such anxiety management, low self-esteem and limiting self-beliefs. They work with clients from where they currently are, helping them to change these behaviours and move forward with their goals, ambitions and desires in order to eventually coach themselves. If you have any concerns about your mental health, please speak with your GP in the first instance.


“My introduction to coaching has been a thoroughly incredible experience. Over the course of my sessions, Jodi has helped me to realise my true goals and given me the knowledge that I had the
ability within myself to reach them. Before coaching I was reluctant to be proactive and change my path, despite being unhappy in my career. Now I look for opportunities to change my destination
without the self-doubt and fear that plagued me and left me on the periphery of my life. Thank you for helping me find my confidence.”


“Working with Jodi was a great experience for me. She helped me through one of the hardest times of my life at no point did I feel that I wasn’t being heard. Every session was so helpful for me not only to understand myself but anxiety as a condition”


“Jodi entered my life at a time where I was at a crossroads. I had a lot going on, but knew primarily that I needed to change my career path…but to what? Jodi patiently supported and guided me using her coaching techniques, which gave me structure and enabled me to reach a concluding point. I was inspired to set some meaningful actions after every session, and Jodi kept me motivated and confident to carry these through. I successfully managed to make that career move and am now
happier than I have been for many years. Thankyou Jodi!”


“Jodi massively helped me with anxiety management issues. She instantly made me feel at ease and I was comfortable explaining my issues with her. Jodi was able to supply handouts giving guidance, exercises and tips on how to manage anxiety day to day. I admit that I was initially sceptical about this type of coaching, but it has completely changed my outlook on something that was so overwhelming to me that I am now able to manage more efficiently thanks to Jodi’s help. Her friendly and approachable nature made it easy to talk to Jodi about these types of things. I felt
completely at ease and trusted her implicitly. I would not hesitate to recommend Jodi for any life coaching.”


“Jodi has been working with my 18 year old son for 4 weeks now, the changes in him are amazing. She is patient, accommodating, and flexible to her clients’ needs. Couldn’t thank her enough for all she’s done. Would highly recommend her services”


“I highly recommend Jodi as a coach. I’ve had several coaching sessions after coming to a crossroads with my working career. I had concerns about being a single mum with one income and scared of making a significant change. Through the coaching sessions I was able to address my concerns and fears and come to a conclusion on my next career path. Jodi is highly experienced in what to ask,
when to listen and what to prompt!”